My friend has gained a lot of traffic on his TikTok. He has a TikTok platform dedicated to his favorite hobby, gunpla building. Gundam is a Japanese military sci-fi franchise. It is an anime that features giant military robots that are used for battle. There are plastic model kits, known as gunpla kits, that are based on specific gundam characters. He loves building these models, and has made TikToks all about this hobby. He has gained a big following and is majorly involved in the gunpla community. He had a hand drawn logo of his favorite gundam character, but has asked me to update his logo for all his social media platforms.
I updated his logo by creating his own personal gundam with similar features to his favorite models. I incorporated part of his username (the numbers "52" from "IronAvenger52") into the logo to give it a more personal touch. The logo's head gear is mainly red because it's his favorite color. The logo was the main concern, but I also made him a Facebook banner and stickers.

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